Controlled experiments of your system in production

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Experiment with your release AFTER you deploy

Fuzzbox helps you quantify the risk inherent in the components of your system, so you can ship changes confidently, gradually, and safely.

By learning over time, our system improves the accuracy with which it can reduce the problem space and generate simulations that help uncover areas of failure in your artifacts and architecture faster and more accurately.

In continuously running resilience experiments, you can understand if your system is getting unsafe, and make the decision to invest in work that increases reliability and safety.

Determine acceptable error rates and budget for the level of risk in your system

Test in production explore the unknown unknowns about your system

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fuzzbox work with my code?

If you use Docker, Kubernetes, or Lambda then YES, almost certainly

Does this run in my AWS/GCP/Azure account?

No, we capture and make copies of your deployment artifacts and run replicas on our simulation engine

How much does it cost?

We are in a private trial right, now. If you'd like to try the product, reach out to us. Otherwise, please be patient while we get the product production ready.

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